Pawz | She/They | 20

I have no clue what to say on this page but hi, I like to draw artwork, craft, and occasionally make VRoid Models/Outfits. I also like to play games and watch TV animated programs from around the world! I'm trying to learn other languages so please bear with me!too lazy to put my tiktok link here atm


Super Milk Chan
Onegai My Melody
Irina the Vampire Cosmonaut
Pop Team Epic
Madoka Magica
I'm a Spider, So What?
Heaven's Design Team
Shadows House
Astra Lost In Space
Your Lie In April
Space Patrol Luluco
Princess Tutu
Rozen Maiden
Di Gi Charat
Galaxy Angel
Akiba Maid War
Komi Can't Communicate
Cells at Work
Dennou Coil
7Seeds (Manga only)
Umamusume Pretty Derby

Video Games

Rhythm Haven
Doki Doki Literature Club
Style Savvy
Animal Crossing
Mario Party
Panel De Pon
Roller Coaster Tycoon (1 & 2)
Umamusume Pretty Derby

These are pagedolls and such that I find around the internet, some pf which being older than I am. As you can see, it's mostly related to Di Gi Charat, as finding pagedolls for that series is somewhat of a priority for me hahaThere's also a few blinkies and banner ads that I found on archived webpages since i don't have a page for them yetI'd say it's pretty good that these things are still around for other people to enjoy!
I'll add more when I find some!

how did you get here